Digital Careers Toolkit

  • The Digital Careers Toolkit is an activity-based advising resource for educators and future job seekers - high school students and recently graduated young adults.  The Toolkit is an orientation to digitally-enabled careers in business, collating information about career pathways, skills and training options.  It is designed for teachers, counselors and youth advocates to adapt and share with students and their families.
  • Toolkit users navigate pathways to careers in Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, Digital Project Management and UX Design. Learners understand the job prospects, skills required, and try out industry aligned projects to reflect on what they are good at. The Toolkit guides learners to make an informed decision about pursuing a digital career path.

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Micro-credentials are competency-based recognition of professional learning. These digital certifications recognize an individual's competence in a specific set of skills, providing an opportunity for educators to manage their own professional learning at their own pace. Shared Lane offers an ‘Advising for Digitally Enabled Careers’ micro-credential in which learners  investigate pathways to digitally enabled careers and develop activities to advise their students. The micro-credential is earned through Digital Promise, a nationally recognized non-profit that works to close the digital learning gap.

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Career Exploration

Shared Lane has developed a guide for Postsecondary Planning teams who are looking to add career readiness to their college and career activities in all high school grades. The guide consists of resources and activities for school based planning teams.

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