Shared Lane Services

Prepare youth for the careers of their future

The path to a good job is elusive for too many young people. How can educators facilitate smoother transitions?  

  • Shared Lane provides free resources for educators
    We offer free career exploration resources for educators to use with high school learners and young adults:
    Forging Healthcare Careers
    Digital Careers Toolkit
  • Shared Lane initiates Expanding Pathways Collaborative
    We brought together high school counselors and workforce training providers to develop ways to support students to smoothly transition from high school to quality workforce training programs. Read our 10 ideas to improve career pathways for NYC youth
  • Professional Learning
    Shared Lane is facilitating a professional learning series for high school counselors on 'Advising for Digital Careers' and 'Pathways to Allied Healthcare Careers'.

What's New for 2024

Consider AI in your tech career plan - updates to the Digital Careers Toolkit


Expanding Pathways Collaborative releases
10 ideas to improve career pathways for NYC youth